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My life has been a rollercoaster ride, full of adventure, challenge and exploration.


As a child I dreamt of being a pop star. I was shy, and unsure of myself, but with a huge dream.

After getting my degree in education, I became a primary school teacher, teaching by day, and rehearsing and gigging with bands at the weekends.  One day the headmistress pulled me into her office and kindly suggested I choose between teaching and pursuing my singing career.  I decided to deep-dive and follow my dream!

That dream came to fruition in the 90’s when I found my way to becoming a recording artiste.


Then followed ten exciting years in the music business, learning to write songs, record, and sing to millions! on TV and radio and on tour. 

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Passion & Joy

I had five hit records, in the UK, Europe and America, mostly under the name of Sarah Washington.  I went from being a shy young woman, struggling even to say hello to an audience, to confidently holding huge audiences, singing anthemic dance songs with passion and joy!


In the summer of 1999, I went to a concert by Chris James at Alternatives in St James Piccadilly.  His voice and his songs deeply touched me, and a month later I found myself on his training in healing sound.  Little did I know how much I was going to need that!


On Christmas Eve 1999, I discovered I had stage II aggressive breast cancer, and was given a 30% chance of surviving.  The world around me came crashing down.


Amidst the shock and the heart-break, a small voice inside said “don’t worry, you’re going to learn about healing now”.  And so began a new chapter.


Alongside the gruelling treatment, I started to listen to that inner voice, more than I ever had.  “Leave no stone unturned” it said.  With the help of loving friends I researched so many healing modalities, and gradually evolved an ongoing programme of nutrition, homeopathy, sound healing, psychotherapy, and many others therapeutic pursuits. 


I began teaching, helping others find their voice, facilitating healing through sound, through song. I started to write songs from a wholly different place. Not for a manager or a record company or for the public, or for an ambitious dream, but for me, expressing my inner voice, my heart. 


As I dared share these new songs, I realised that which is most personal is also trans-personal.  That songs written from my heart, touched the hearts of others.  I began to teach others how to do the same, to connect with and express who they are through their own songs, and found this to be one of the most healing and uplifting things we can do.

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Living the Dream

For the last 20 years, I have travelled the world, teaching, facilitating courses, getting thousands singing together at conferences in places as diverse as Singapore, Las Vegas, Dubai, Toronto, New York and all over Europe, running sound healing trainings in China, and of late, retreats in the New Forest where I now live!  Helping others connect and thrive through song, healing sound, creativity and nature is my living dream.

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As seen in...

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You'll find an article about Sarah in the October 2023 publication of Hampshire Life Magazine

Sarah has been featured in the latest book released by 60's fashion icon, public speaker and writer Jenny Boyd.

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Vitality Meditation

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