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Everyone has songs inside them; words and melody, hopes and dreams, and stories to tell.

This course will guide you to find what you really need to express, to sing, and to share. Singing and Songwriting is one of the most natural, fun, nourishing, profound and exciting ways to connect and communicate more deeply with ourselves, each other, and the world around us.   No previous musical experience necessary!

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Course includes:

  • Monthly sessions in West London, New Forest, on Zoom, and a Recording Retreat in Dorset

  • The final day is a concert providing an opportunity to share your work with an audience of family and friends.

  • A three day residential retreat in a professional recording studio in Dorset with a producer and musician.

  • A professional quality group CD that  features one of your songs.

  • Singing naturally: Developing your confidence in singing naturally, freely, and through vocal technique, including group and solo singing.

  • Passionate Performing: how to bring aliveness, authenticity & power to performance.

  • Intuitive song-writing: explore your innate creativity, experience writing songs with a variety of creative stimulus, on your own, and with others.

  • Learning a wide variety of songs from around the world, in different genres and styles, including folk, jazz, musical theatre, gospel, pop, African, Taize, negro-spiritual and more.

  • Singing in harmony: Develop your skills in singing in harmony, and learn to harmonise your own songs.

  • Movement: We will move and work on breathing during each session.

  • Be part of a profound creative singing sharing community.

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This on-going one year group is an opportunity and invitation for those with a strong commitment to explore, expand and develop their natural singing voice and creativity.

This photo is from the very first group I ran (circa 2004)

The course will cover a range of skills and experiences and will focus on developing vocal ability, intuitive and structured song-writing, improvisation, harmony, rhythm, solo singing, group singing, performance skills, recording technique, and singing in different genres of song and style.
The connection and support of the group provides a powerful holding.

Image by Keagan Henman



The next year group starts

Sept 2024


Dates TBC

Please fill out the online application to register your interest


If I cannot fly, let me sing

- Stephen Sondheim

The Grove Neighbourhood Center is a wonderful venue in Hammersmith, West London,

There is free parking close by, and a full working kitchen for our legendary Pot Luck Lunches!

We will meet from 11 am til 5.30pm.

Emery Down Village Hall is in the heart of the New Forest, providing a wholly different experience for our singing and songwriting journey, surrounded by fields, woodlands, free-roaming ponies, and wonderful country pubs for an early post-session supper if desired!  The nearest mainline station is Brockenhurst, just 90 mins from Waterloo.

Our sessions at Emery Down will be from 11am til 5pm.

Our Zoom sessions provide a surprisingly potent space for creativity and deep sharing within the comfort of our own homes.

Session times: 10.30am til 5pm.

Mill Farm Studios in Dorset is a fabulous place for our recording retreat. It has a spacious and colourful studio, lots of chill-out spaces, and is surrounded by cottages, fields and wildlife including Alpacas and peacocks. A place in which to relax, connect and create magic!

Get Directions

About the Venues

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£1890 payable in instalments

Deposit £350


Plus 11 monthly instalments of  £140

Fees are inclusive of the recording studio & lunches and suppers at the retreat.

Additional retreat costs not included; 

1. musician fee of £90 payable at the retreat

2. your accommodation during the retreat.

Sarah will send a BnB list at the apt time - approx cost is £40 a night if sharing, £80 a night for a single room


The £350 non-returnable deposit is payable when reserving your place


Please note all fees are payable once you have started the course, regarless of attendance.

The recording studio: A track being recorded - always exciting!  The Recording Retreat is a truly unique and

magical experience!

What previous students say

"It was an amazing experience recording in the studio and having such fabulous, talented, personable musicians creating something magical with our songs. Such an uplifting creative healing joyful experience supported very well by Sarah and others in the group and in a fabulous environment. They draw out what you are capable of. I felt it was a real privilege to bring what we have and it be transformed. It’s like midwifery of the soul!"  

 - Cathy

"The recording retreat is the highlight and lynchpin of the singing and songwriting course year. It gives everybody in the group a chance to be and feel fully heard and seen and bring their precious song to be recorded to full fruition, in its best possible production. Sarah, the sound engineer and the musician give of themselves so much more than could ever be expected to help the birth of each song recording – it is impossible to leave the studio without feeling deep gratitude, pride in one’s own achievement and abundant joy. To be part of this is a privilege and an utterly life-affirming experience."

 - Martina

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Important note about Fees

In accepting a place on a course you are entering into a contract and the full fee becomes payable.


If you would like to do the course but are struggling financially, part-bursary or other payment options may be available - email to apply


The full fees will still be payable should you withdraw from the course or miss sessions

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Year Group Application

Thank you for your interest, I'll be in touch shortly.

Year Group Application
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