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Sarah offers inspirational speaking/singing events combining powerful learning and wisdom with life-stories and song, helping people to connect with their own inner wisdom and intuition, and recognising how they might empower themselves and their next steps.

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From Pop Diva to SOULHEALER

A Talk by Sarah Warwick

What often shows up as tragedy is often a template for awakening. In my case it was aggressive breast cancer, which cut short a thriving pop career.  In going through the fire unexpected healing occurred on all levels.  


What I will show in this talk is how adversity can lead to deep transformation and connection to the true self and offer a greater sense of purpose.

  • Finding your authentic voice & standing in your power

  • Changing your focus - from the outside in - connecting to love and wisdom

  • Discovering your soul purpose and taking action!

  • Giving your greatest gifts to the world

A montage of three of Sarah's pop videos

Gallery of Healing work in China

It was a great privilege to take my work to China in the years 2015 to 2019.  I was teaching and training in how the power of sound and song can help heal every aspect of our lives.  I learnt so much through being with so many open, heart-full and intelligent people. Gratitude!


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Conference Energising - One Voice

My work has taken me all over the world, from New York to Chicago, Singapore to Toronto, Hong Kong to Las Vegas, and many other countries, I have had the great joy of uplifting conferences and bringing people together through the power of sound and song.  


Clients include Sainsbury’s, HSBC, Vodaphone, Nokia, Netjets, Novartis, National Health Service, and BBC Radio 1 in the Live Lounge!

One Voice creates team harmony through the power of song, giving a truly uplifting, inspirational experience, enhancing the confidence to achieve through working together in harmony.

This session is enlivening and fun, and will have everyone singing, moving and raising the roof with confidence in a matter of twenty minutes!

​One Voice finds the power of song that is in all of us and by combining all the voices in a team, shows how self-realisation and combined effort can create something truly wonderful.

Do you want Sarah to be a guest on your Podcast?

For bookings and full terms and conditions contact Sarah.

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As seen in...

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You'll find an article about Sarah in the October 2023 publication of Hampshire Life Magazine

Sarah has been featured in the latest book released by 60's fashion icon, public speaker and writer Jenny Boyd.

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