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Get Wise, Get Creative!

with Malcolm Stern & Sarah Warwick

A Six Session Course on Zoom


          25 FEB, 10 MAR, 6 APR, 19 MAY, 23 JUNE 2024

                                      Session time: 10.30 am til 1.30pm

Event Description

In response to the challenging times we are now living in, we are offering a dynamic and creative exploration into the essence of who we are, with the aim of helping participants to thrive in the face of adversity.


In this course we will create a safe and supportive community in which to explore the simple yet profound skills that will equip us in navigating the unknown path we find ourselves on. We will be teaching therapeutic and creative practices and encouraging each other to bring forth our gifts of imagination and innate knowing.


We will learn to listen and reflect for ourselves and each other, find ways to live in greater integrity, and ultimately to connect with the wisdom that lives inside each one of us.


We will navigate from the humdrum to the sublime as we access our soul purpose and dive into the wellspring of our creativity.


Malcolm will work in his inimitable and brilliant way as mentor and therapist. Sarah will be bringing her unique talents as someone who has lived her life immersed in music, art and healing, inspiring our journey with creativity and song, and helping us to connect with our inner wisdom and guidance. 


The creative practices will include conscious writing, meditation, simple songwriting, the magic of mantra, photographic journaling, online bookmaking, and mandala making. 

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Course Activities

In Malcolm's book "Slay Your Dragons With Compassion" he explores a number of practices and themes and we will be immersing ourselves therapeutically and creatively in these themes, such as:

Bearing Witness & Following Your Radar

To bear witness is to practice presence, to place your fullest attention in the moment. To slow down and be receptive to your internal and external guidance.

Our radar is an essential sixth sense that needs to be developed, recognised and fed; an internal compass that we all have, but most of us don’t know how to use it effectively. 

Create a sangha

Thich Nhat Hahn says "Sangha is more than a community.  It's a deep spiritual practice. The essence of a sangha is awareness, understanding, acceptance, harmony and love". At this particular time in evolution, when there is so much chaos and uncertainty around us, there is a great need for the company of fellow pilgrims on our journey through life. We need to engage with people who truly meet us, inspire us, and allow us to speak our truth. 

Slay your dragons with compassion

Slaying your dragons with compassion is the art of speaking difficult truths: things that are hard to hear for everyone, and painful for you to suppress. To slay your dragons with compassion is to embody these two principles:

  • Always endeavour to speak what is true for you.

  • Never hurt another more than is necessary


Find your purpose

Each of us has something inside us which is longing to be lived, our own unique treasure chest, a set of gifts, an image of our potential, a purpose. Something that makes us feel this is why I am here; this is what I am meant to be doing. It’s more than a simple desire; it’s woven into the essence of who we are. 

Break the spell

We need to examine the spells that hypnotize us and break them when they hinder us. Spells are words, deeds, judgements and conditioning that go unchallenged and undigested.

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£360 inclusive, payable in advance. Please note the fee does not include a small amount for materials connected to creative practice.  

To Book

Email to book your place and for payment info.  Some part-bursary places will be available for those in financial need.

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The call to the creative life is a call to dignity,  vulnerability and adventure .... and a life that exquisite excitement and indeed ecstasy will often visit.

- John O'Donohue

This event will be jointly facilitated by

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Malcolm Stern

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Malcolm has worked as a group and individual psychotherapist for more than 30 years and runs groups internationally.

He has lived a swashbuckling life sailing on the Rainbow Warrior, working with trauma, teaching worldwide, and being educated by the suicide of his oldest daughter Melissa. His book Slay Your Dragons With Compassion has been endorsed by Eckhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield and Elizabeth Gilbert, and is a legacy of his life's journey and learning.

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