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Lifesong has emerged out of Sarah’s journey from popstar to soul healer over the last 30 years.


Her profound work offers inspirational courses and retreats to develop your singing voice, enhance creativity, experience inner peace, and connect with your authentic self-expression. Through singing, healing sound, meditation, songwriting, and other creative practices like intuitive painting, nature art, and creative writing, Sarah’s work offers deep soul healing and life-enhancing transformation.  

Click the links below for information on courses, retreats, speaking engagements, music and more.

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Singer & Speaker

Find out more about Sarah and her work uplifting audiences all over the world with the power of music and song.

Workshops, Courses & Retreats

Feel excited and inspired on one of Sarah's many courses and workshops.


A selection of music from Sarah, available to purchase and download.

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Image by Hannah Busing

Lifesong helps create a sense of community, of shared humanity.  In these troubled times, we need each other, and to be consciously creating, singing, healing, and sharing our life-stories and our dreams.

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Singing is as natural to humans as breathing. And yet so many people feel they cannot sing!


We are taught to believe only the gifted few have the right, and yet, it can be the most connecting and joyous experience with so many health and life-giving benefits!  


It can be the same with creativity: so many of us don’t engage in artistic pursuits, believing that we have to produce something wonderful or not bother, and yet even the simplest of techniques can nurture and nourish us.


Life is an infinitely creative process.  The more present we are, the more consciously we can create our lives, our dreams, our longings.


Singing, sound healing, songwriting and creative art can all help us to feel good, to express ourselves, to learn to deeply listen to our inner voice, and to others; to feel connected, uplifted and inspired.


Many of the courses and retreats take place in beautiful nature.  In nature we thrive.  We relax and return to our inner nature.


Lifesong is dedicated to providing experiences and practices to connect, uplift and empower.

No previous experience is necessary! Just you, and your willingness to participate, is all that is needed.

Free Meditation Download

To help bring aliveness to your mind, body and spirit, whenever you need an energy boost!

Simply fill out your email below and your download will be sent to you.

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The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Well-being Gifts

Visit my new shop page to purchase your very own set of Lifesong Wisdom Cards. Each of the paintings, words and affirmations has its own resonance and  wisdom, and the potential to support and deepen your enquiry, opening a path to a new and dynamic understanding.

Also available for purchase. My new Chakra Elixirs.

These unique remedies allow the opportunity to work at a deep, yet subtle level, with issues and patterns that affect many aspects of our emotional and physical well-being.

About Sarah

My life has been a rollercoaster ride, of adventure, challenge and exploration.


As a child I dreamt of being a pop star. I was shy, and unsure of myself, but with a huge dream.

Teaching in a primary school by day, I pursued my singing at the weekends.


Eventually I gave in to my dream and after ten exciting years in the music business with 5 hit records, singing to thousands, a diagnosis of breast cancer took me on a very different journey. A journey of learning and listening to that inner voice, which opened a new chapter in my life.

Helping others find their voice and experience healing through sound and song has taken me across the globe again. Sharing my love for music, sound, nature and creative self-expression through my retreats, workshops and on-line courses.


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