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Sarah Warwick uses Chakra Elixirs as an integral part of her teaching.


These unique remedies allow the opportunity to work at a deep, yet subtle level, with issues and patterns that affect many aspects of our emotional and physical well-being.


In recent years the transformative and healing properties of flowers, sound, colour and gemstones are starting to be more understood.


We, as human beings, are made up of both a physical body, and a subtle energy body.

In the early 1900’s Rudolph Steiner, in his anthroposophical writings, considered these/our

subtle bodies or “energetic resonance” as he describes them, to be pathways to healing and consciousness. 


Through a process and preparation based on the principles of homeopathic medicine, these chakra elixirs have been uniquely created to allow a gentle transformation to occur within oneself.


Like all vibrational and energetic or narrative medicine (e.g. psychotherapy) they allow you the opportunity to work at a deep level, and can initiate a process of profound healing.


When our chakra centres are aligned they form an invisible yet co-ordinated or integrated system, within our energetic bodies, each chakra dependent on the other.


When all the chakras are balanced or in harmony, they allow for optimal functioning, profoundly affecting our wellbeing.


These elixirs have the potential to relieve ill-health, by influencing emotional states that underpin them.


Whilst these remedies have no side-effects and are safe to take whilst pregnant or to use with children, as they are used to gently stimulate a person’s subtle energy body.  As such can be powerful healing tools.


They are not specifically designed to heal pathology.  If you have a serious medical condition, please consult with your doctor or health practitioner.


If you would like more information on these principles, I recommend vibrational medicine. 


Vibrational Medicine by Dr Richard Gerber

Healings Sounds - The Power of Harmonics by Jonathan Goldman

Homeopathic Colour and Sound Remedies by Ambika Waters

Chakra Elixirs

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