My Journey With The Prophet
My beloved brother Ben first gave me a book of The Prophet many years ago, when I was 18. Like many people, I dipped into it, savouring the wisdom.  It was not until I began to sing some of the words from Love one day that I realised how powerfully the message came to life with music and melody, and thus The Prophet CD was born.
It has been a joyful and deeply moving  journey recording these pieces over a period of three years. The wisdom is profound, inspiring, and of such significance and comfort in these turbulent and transformational times.  It has been my pleasure and honour to "birth" it anew. 
I am grateful to Peter Coyte who has been a very inspirational musical partner in this process, and to Malcolm Stern, for his invaluable support.
I am delighted to be working on new pieces for The Prophet Volume 2.  Watch this space!
Some thoughts from the Songs of The Prophet Concert at Alternatives, St James Piccadilly which took place on 
​Monday 29th October 2012 

What a stunning performance. I had tears in my eyes.

A wonderful sound and totally inspiring.

R. Robinson

Your singing really touched my heart and I cried half through the concert, but all tears of release and joy.Khalil Gibran's wonderful words and your wonderful voice together are just irresistible that way.

M. Scheible


Your concert on monday was truely moving, inspirational and uplifting!

L. Ackrim

Such beautiful music and your voice sounded divine

S. Clarke-Jervoise

The concert was sublime!

S. West

Congratulations on such a fab concert and an amazing work of art!  There was such a buzz in the church and it was a wonderful  evening ... you and your band were superb!

G. Edwards


Sarah you were the perfect vessel for the song and voice of the Prophet to pour forth to your thirsty audience. You performed with unparalleled grace and beauty. You are truly a star and your light and love shone through and lit the hearts and minds of all of us who had the fortune of being in that wondrous space.

Our thanks and blessings to you ... and may the message of the prophet spread far and wide on the waves you have set into motion.

S. Pouria