The Heart of Sound  

A Training in Sound Healing

January - December 2020

with monthly sessions in West London and a weekend retreat in the New Forest


Sound healing is an increasingly expanding field of alternative medicine.  It is a healing therapy that is sweeping the nation, helping people to deeply relax, de-stress, lift depression, heal old wounds, feel more deeply connected to themselves, and to life itself. 


This dynamic innovative course is for complete beginners, singers, healers, practitioners, teachers and therapists.  It is designed for all, regardless of experience or ability.  It is for those interested in exploring sound and it's impact on our health and wellbeing; and for those interested in learning to facilitate groups or 

one-to-one sessions and participate in the healing of others.


The course is based on 7 interwoven modules.  Scroll down for more details on each module.  The more we understand that we ourselves are composed of energetic or vibrational fields, the more we are able to appreciate how sound medicine can be used as a powerful tool for healing.  Inner harmony is disrupted by trauma, anxiety, and stress.  Sound healing offers the potential to help restore harmony and wellbeing in all aspects of our daily lives.


Studies in the U.S. show sound is being used to help recovery from cancer and cancer treatment. 

Go to for more information.


It is an exciting time to get involved in the field of sound healing!

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The Modules 


Module 1

Personal Healing Journey

Develop a relationship with your voice as a healing tool and magnificent mover of energy; learn skills and techniques for self-healing; deep-listening, intuition, alleviate pain, heal old wounds, connect with Universal Energy


Module 2

Sound Healing Instruments

Learn how and when to use an exciting variety of sacred sound healing instruments, including Tibetan and Crystal Singing bowls, Chinese Wind Gong, Rainstick, Drum, Shakers, Shanti Chimes and Sansula, for yourself, with groups, and 1-1


Module 3 

Chakra Healing 

Learn about the chakras, what they are, and how they are intricately woven in all aspects of our lives.  How to clear and energise, calm and center, through chakra balancing, meditation, toning and visualisation. 


Module 4 

Creative Voice

Learn to allow sound to arise from the deepest parts of you with vocal improvisation. Learn to sing in harmony, and discover how it helps to bring us into harmony. Learn powerful mantras for different states, and experience how they can aid the healing process. Create your own bespoke mantras for yourself and others. Conscious writing will also be part of this module.


Module 5

The Science of Sound

We will look at the latest research on why it works, and how it heals. Modern science supports the idea that all matter is vibration, and conscious sound is being proven to have the power to penetrate at a cellular level and positively impact every aspect of our being. Scientific studies show how sound can reduce pain, improve memory, clarity, vitality and the ability to take action.   


Module 6

Facilitation Skills

Learn and develop the skills and confidence to lead a group and 1-1 sessions in sound healing, and heart-songs, or to add another string to your bow and bring sound healing to your established therapeutic or teaching practice. Organisational aspects of setting up a group or 1-1 sessions will also be covered.  


Module 7 

The Weekend Retreat

An opportunity to experience the power of sound in nature, a truly awesome combination!  You will have time to relax, connect with the group, and to practice and hone your sound healing skills and techniques.  The retreat will take place at the lovely eco-friendly organic Minstead Centre near Lyndhurst in the heart of the New Forest.  See below for a link to the center.


     Some of the Benefits


  • Engage in your own healing journey through sound, one of the most powerful ways to help shift blocked energy in any area of your life.

  • Learn how to reduce stress, relax deeply, alleviate anxiety, and aid the body in it’s healing process

  • Learn how the mind, body and emotions are inter-connected and how to bring them into harmony 

  • Connect with and develop your intuition, innate creativity, listening skills, and sense of grounded presence and personal power

  • Learn the skills and know-how to create your own sound healing practice, both personal and professional, and build your self-confidence in leading others

  • Become part of an ever-growing community of Sound Healers


Dates, Times & Fees

The course comprises 10 monthly one day sessions at Colet House in Barons Court

and a weekend retreat at the Minstead Study Centre near Lyndhurst in the New Forest.



One Day Sessions:



Jan 12, Feb 9, Mar 8, Apr 5, May 3, June 7, July 10 - 12 New Forest Retreat, Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 15, Dec 13


10 am  til 4.30pm


New Forest Retreat: July 10 - 12



£1,950 inclusive

Deposit: £300

Monthly payments: £150 per month x 11


Extra costs:

You will need to have your own 

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Go to for information


The retreat cost is included, and based on sharing a room.

If you require a single room there will be an extra fee of £30 per night


A non-returnable deposit of £300 is required to reserve a place on the course.  Please email if you would like to book or if you would like more information.




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"The day I discovered the power of healing sound was a major turning point in my life.  It is, in my experience, the most joyful, profound and exciting exploration of who we are, how we can thrive and be happy, healthy and at peace.  For me it is a journey into the very essence of our being.  I have no doubt at all that healing sound has been a truly vital part of my own healing journey." 

Sarah Warwick