Lifesong Gift Tokens



Give the gift of a Sound Healing Session, a Reiki Healing Session, 1-1 Singing Coaching, or towards one of the many courses available through Lifesong.


Vouchers start from £30.


Each voucher will be enclosed in a gift card with an image from a unique artwork by Sarah*.


Choose from 4 different cards, from the images above.  


Sound Healing Session

Sound Healing offers the opportunity to relax deeply, to rebalance and energise on all levels and to come to a place of inner peace and clarity.   The session will include Tibetan Singing Bowls, pure vocal tones, wind gong, guided visualisation and body awareness; blockages in the body can be dissolved, creating a flow of energy and feelings of well-being, confidence, and an ability to move forward.  Sound Healing can help relieve pain, stress related conditions, depression and many others.

The session can be one hour or 90 minutes.  Fee: £75 per hour


Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing.  A deeply relaxed state enables healing in mind, body and spirit.  The word Reiki is made from two Japanese words: REI meaning God's Wisdom or Higher Power, and KI meaning "life force energy" It involves the gentle laying on of hands, and allows a greater flow of the life force energy, promoting a sense of harmony and well-being.

The session is one hour.  Fee: £65


One to One Singing Coaching

Everyone can learn to sing! It is our birthright.  It gives us great joy, boosts our immune system, and brings harmony and well-being to us on all levels. It is one of the most instantly uplifting things we can do.  Sessions are tailor made to suit each individual, and include simple but fun vocal exercises, and learning songs from different genres.  Beginners guitar tuition can be included, as well as recording and performance skills.  All levels welcome, including complete beginners.

Sessions are one hour, or more.  £65 per hour



Sarah runs a highly popular weekly singing group in Bayswater on Thursday evenings, called The Singing Hearts. This is a wonderful community experience singing simple but delightful songs from around the world, in harmony. Fun, uplifting, and inspiring- the perfect way to unwind and re-energise.

Fee: £150 per term of 8 sessions  (£100 for low income)


The Singing and Songwriting Year Group is a monthly whole day workshop dedicated to exploration of the singing voice, creativity, songwriting, recording, and performing. Inspirational and transformational!  The course takes place over 11 months and culminates in a recording retreat at a professional recording studio.  All levels welcome. 

The next course will begin in May 2016 in Barons Court West London.  Fee: circa £1680.  Fees payable in monthly instalments. A deposit of £250 secures a place.


The Sound Healing Weekend is an opportunity to learn to use sound for meditation, and sound-healing techniques to benefit your own well-being and that of friends and family.  It is a blissful weekend of toning, chi gong, creating life-enhancing chants and affirmations with music and melody, mantra-singing, and learning how to use Tibetan singing bowls, Chinese wind gongs and other healing musical instruments.

Fee: TBC


1:1 Sessions take place at a variety of locations in London and the New Forest.


Vouchers are available in multiples of £30. To purchase please go to the Shop page 


*With thanks to Suzette Clough and Visual Medicine, see Links