Sarah has extensive experience in providing workshops and team building events.


She is also highly valued as a conference energiser.


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The 'One Voice' Programme


Sarah has developed the 'One Voice' programme in response to the needs of her various corporate clients.


The programme has two elements:

  • The 'One Voice' energiser

  • The 'One Voice' team builder



The 'One Voice' Energiser


Creates team harmony through the power of song, giving a truly uplifting, inspirational experience, enhancing the confidence to achieve through working together in harmony.

This session is enlivening and fun, and will have everyone singing and moving and rocking the house with confidence in a matter of twenty minutes!

One Voice finds the power of song that is in all of us and by combining all the voices in a team, shows how self-realisation and combined effort can create something truly wonderful.

Once a team has found its “voice”, and all team members recognise that each voice is vital within a team, it can go on to achieve much more.

Delegates are first led through a series of fun exercises that stretch the body and voice. As confidence builds delegates are challenged to achieve more and more until, finally, the whole team comes together.



Video from 'One Voice' Event with Catalyst Global


The 'One Voice' Team-builder


After starting with the 'One Voice' energiser the delegates are then put into teams of approximately 8 people, and lead through a closed eye process where they recap and envision key points from the current theme of the day.

Each individual writes down key words and phrases which they share with their group. The group uses the combined ideas to create a song, chant or rap, to include at least one key word or phrase from each member of the team. The teams perform their song to the delight of the rest of the delegates.

This is all done without instrumentation. It works! It rocks!

Sarah has lead 'One Voice' events all over the world, including Singapore, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong and Europe. 


Clients include:

Sainsbury's, HSBC, Vodaphone, Nokia, Netjets, Novartis, Betfair, National Health Service, BBC Radio One in the Live Lounge