Liberate Your Voice & Sing Your Song!
One Year Singing and Songwriting Group
Begins 7th Sept 2019
course now full!
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Course Includes:


  • 10 one day sessions monthly, on a Saturday or Sunday.  The final day of the course provides an opportunity to share your work with an audience of family and friends.

  • A three day residential retreat in a professional recording studio in Dorset with a producer and musician

  • A professional quality group CD that  features one of your songs.

  • Singing naturally: Developing your confidence in singing naturally, freely, and through vocal technique, including group and solo singing

  • Passionate Performing: how to bring aliveness, authenticity & power to performance

  • Intuitive song-writing: explore your innate creativity, experience writing songs with a variety of creative stimulus, on your own, and with others.

  • Learning a wide variety of songs from around the world, in different genres and styles, including folk, jazz, musical theatre, gospel, pop, African, Taize, negro-spiritual and more

  • Singing in harmony: Develop your skills in singing in harmony, and learn to harmonise your own songs

  • Movement: We will move and work on breathing during each session.

  • Be part of a profound creative singing sharing community


This course offers a fun, enlivening and profound way to connect with your innate creativity and core of your being.


Through singing, intuitive songwriting and creative voice-work, we learn to connect with and express more of who we are and what is important to us in this one “wild and precious life”

This on-going one year group is an opportunity and invitation for those with a strong commitment to explore, expand and develop their natural singing voice and creativity.

The course will cover a range of skills and experiences and will focus on developing vocal ability, intuitive and structured song-writing, improvisation, harmony, rhythm, solo singing, group singing, performance skills, recording technique, and singing in different genres of song and style.


The connection and support of the group provides a powerful holding.



Sept 7, Oct 12, Nov 23,

Dec 14, 


Jan 11, Feb 8 , 

Mar 7

Apr 4

May 2

Recording Retreat June 4-7 

July 4 Concert


Time: 10.30 am til 5.00 pm

Fees:  £1790

Payable in 11 monthly instalments of £140 plus deposit of £250

( additional musician fee of £80 payable at retreat and £40 per night single room supplement if required)

£250 non-returnable deposit payable when reserving your place

Alternative payment plan: £105 per month x 11 + £385 in Apr 2019

The course venue is in Baron's Court, near Hammersmith,  just one minute's walk from Baron's Court tube.  Address given on confirmation of joining the course.

Time: 10.30 am til 5pm



In accepting a place on a course you are entering into a contract and the full fee becomes payable.


To make courses more accessible to those who cannot afford a one off payment, the facility to pay in installments is offered.


This does not in any way alter the fact that you have committed to pay the whole amount due.


The full fees will still be payable should you withdraw from the course or miss sessions


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